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Chongqing Zhengda computer repair services company is an IT professional maintenance services, since its inception in 1998 in a professional, honest, and transparent service concept, from its start to eliminate some unfair business practices within the industry, establishing a model for the industry to promote and lead the development of the computer repair industry.
in yihou of work in the we will future of followed we of service concept, Chongqing are up computer maintenance, and Chongqing computer maintenance, and Chongqing computer door maintenance, and Chongqing notebook maintenance, and Chongqing computer maintenance, and Chongqing Toshiba Notebook maintenance, and Chongqing HP notebook maintenance, and Chongqing Apple notebook maintenance, and Chongqing Dell notebook maintenance, and Chongqing Sony notebook maintenance, and Chongqing ASUS notebook maintenance, and Chongqing Lenovo notebook maintenance, and Chongqing Samsung notebook maintenance focused and we of computer maintenance career, Let the computer repair industry presents a piece of blue sky. Since the company was founded in 1998 with professionalism, transparency services, customers receive praise!
Chongqing computer repair services company providing laptop chip level repair laptop repair services, the introduction of the automatic laser infrared BGA welding equipment, quick solution to the laptop motherboard North and South Bridge, graphics chip BAG, such as welding technology, safe and reliable professional quickly, greatly improving the laptop repair rates. Especially in brand laptop repair! we have stability and spare part supply of the quality guarantee system, advanced repair equipment, experienced, highly skilled team of engineers, guarantees a quick solution to the laptop problem. Welcome your visit, we will be practical maintenance of strength and competitive price for your support and trust.
If your laptop does not use (artificial damage, water) or is out of warranty, you can come to the Center for maintenance. We supply laptop original accessories. Note: I only repair warranty machines belonging to chip-level maintenance of the charges, but maintenance costs are cheaper than Service Center about half. If your machine is out of warranty or computer failures caused by human factors, I believe that our company is your best choice. Years of experience can quickly detect your computer's fault, a wealth of accessories library to quickly repair your computer.