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1, see:
to check the appearance of the motherboard to see if there are signs of burnout.
2, log:
oscilloscope detection Board is whether the power supply and the power supply voltage is normal.
/>3, quartz oscillators and if IO and PCI devices, frequency changes, illustrating the problem of Quartz Oscillators, it's quartz oscillators.
BIOS in the form of software exists, and therefore cannot be detected by instrument, brush BIOS only.
5, power:
If all the above checked the motherboard the problem still exists, then the motherboard powered up and then examine it carefully.
6, bus:
check the ISA, PCI, AGP's components, transfer data, the output of power supply.
7, the control signal line:
check the various parts on the motherboard circuit signal transmission lines, typically by oscilloscope waveform to determine whether there is a problem.