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A, and computer has voice, right Xia angle no small Horn icon:
first, click "began" menu-> select "set"-> open "Control Panel"-> click "voice, and voice and audio equipment"-> in "or select a Control Panel icon" below click "voice and audio equipment";
then, in pop-up of "voice and audio equipment property" window Middle put "will volume icon into task bar (I)" front playing Shang hook, click determine can ;
II, and computer no voice, right Xia angle no small Horn icon:
first, mouse right key click "I of computer"-> select "property"-> "system property" window in the switch to "hardware" option card in the, click "equipment management device"-> expand "voice, and video and game controller" front of +,, view first items small Horn icon Shang whether has a red fork, if has, double-click Open first items Hou, will most below of "equipment usage" change for " Use this device (enable) "then click OK;
, in the" Device Manager "window, check" sound, video and game controllers "icon appears on the exclamation"! "Or question mark"? " "If is the sound card driver is not installed or the driver is not available, the Baidu search for" driver genius ", download and install" driver genius ", according to Chinese prompted, reinstall the sound card drivers, and finally, restart your computer.
bottom right no trumpet problem, in most cases is caused by audio driver is not installed, download universal sound card driver is not recommended but directly using driver genius automatically update audio driver will be able to solve the problem.