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CPU fan with oil to make it run properly. Oiling steps are in general fan to remove the oil. This approach has some drawbacks.
1, Cao led heatsink screws loose. 2, have a certain amount of pressure on the CPU.
today to teach you a method that does not remove CPU fan can also be oiled.
preparations: a pair of tweezers, thick needles, empty plastic bottles.
to unplug the CPU fan power cable, remove the fan, first find a plastic substrate for fixed steel axle, which marks the center of the dome surface of the fan blade. After a heated sewing needles, next to the mark 3-4 mm hot hole with a diameter of 1.5 mm. And then add a few drops of the oil to see if infiltration. If seepage, and instructions to complete.
for CPU fan after fan oil won't be torn down so in trouble. Hope that today's tip for families with computer friends to help.