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Firewall 1, security is very important for the virus. Low-end switches do not have firewall capabilities, and ACL access control function. However the router ACL access control function. Can also limit the maximum number of links to that IP address.
flexibility for business support for flexibility, low-end switches do not support network asymmetric access control to the network server, and router.
3, Web development
switch cannot support the expansion of the network, such as industries access local e-government network, running a number of different security levels of business and related businesses is encrypted. And router can do.
4, design
the reliability of some of the operators of the reliability of the network design is not perfect, this is also the reason for protocol converter failure.
5, cost
some switches network its longitudinal link is 10/100M bare fiber link, link costs to be much higher than a normal 2M.
6, link services
using end-to-end closed service even failure will immediately start the backup link.