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Today, I suddenly couldn't get broadband home network and locally attached signs have been flashing in the lower right, interface on the router, broadband connection has been disconnected, this case properly, are already connected to the Internet. So what are the reasons not to go on net? For an analysis on this issue. This
from three aspects:
1, Telecom IP is static or dynamic dial-up Internet access.
2, see network IP is automatically or manually assigned.
3, router, IP settings.
in accordance with the description one by one after control of the router, then enter to the router interface selected when manually adding, set two computers IP will solve the problem.
the original on two computer IP conflict problem.
we need to pay attention to is: is connected to router broadband account password should not be wrong, the letter is case-sensitive. Underline input carefully, once the error is hard to find out why.