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Five myths about assembling computers to know:
, CPU performance, the most important, other hardware not
, many users believe that the CPU performance is equivalent to the performance, the idea is errors. CPU performance played an important role in the whole, but its full performance also needs to use additional hardware.
for example, cask effect: using a computer compared to a bucket, computers on every hardware compared to a bucket on the wood, a single hardware product corresponds to the stronger performance of wood, the higher performance chips corresponding to weaker hardware products and shorter. After the assembled, injected into the barrel of water, more water proof performance is strong at this time, but this time buckets to carry water does not depend on the length of the wood, but that depends on the shortest wood, when water more than short chips later, water will stay out of the barrel, or performance of the machine's highest peak.
shopping for computer accessories, balance is the most important performance, do not focus only on one piece of hardware performance, not only computer performance is not improved, but also waste money.
conclusion: CPU purchase is in accordance with individual requirements, and other hardware performance according to reasonable CPU performance is the best way to maximize.
ER, motherboard as long as a few brands, regardless of
is a computer motherboard's torso, almost all of the accessories must be connected to the motherboard, so choosing a good Board can effectively play individual parts in a computer's performance. A lot of people due to the impact of advertising or for a variety of reasons, the blind pursuit of first-tier manufacturers of motherboards, this is not a bad thing, because first-line companies research and development ability, quality, outstanding performance. Second-line relative to first-tier motherboard motherboard prices lower, and also will work better than the first-tier manufacturers of low-end products. For a Board's performance, the work material entirely above the importance of branding.
conclusion: the pursuit of value for friends choose second-tier Board, the price is not too expensive, work materials are guaranteed.
third, the graphics card's memory bigger is better, show not important core
user awareness of the graphics tend to be shallow, according to select the memory view graphics memory is a common purchase for the current user error. Current mainstream graphics video memory 128MB, high-end cards used in 256MB memory, but some video cards on the market are using entry-level chip, but it is equipped with a 256MB or 512MB of memory, than with graphics kagui around 200 Yuan, but many users have flocked.
the current mainstream graphics card's memory is basically 128MB, but with the large capacity memory decline in grain prices, a lot of video card memory upgrade to version 256MB or higher. So many users at the same time facing the memory capacity of 128MB and 256MB with video cards, tend to think of the graphics core is 256MB memory video card performance is stronger. Some evaluation reports, 256MB video memory only for high-end brings 2%--7% performance improvement, and less for the low-end video cards.
in addition, the currently equipped with low-end graphics card's memory particles in 256MB memory latency is high, so the actual performance is often not even a match 128MB particles of high-speed video memory video memory video card. And benefits of video memory is only in large 3D games using Super resolution or in the graphic design field in order to have an advantage, it's not the blind pursuit of large memory.
conclusion: good enough video memory, low 128MB is enough, high-end 256MB, top graphics is not idle. Four, dual SIM and Dan Ka option
in recent years, graphics design has changed dramatically. NVIDIA introduced SLI dual SIM technology, ATi CrossFire Dual SIM technology was launched, two technologies using their patented technology, compatibility between, through two video cards to help each other so that the overall 3D performance.
but by testing for dual SIM platform, dual-card platform is not able to give us a huge performance boost, SLI performance is often better than a single card promotion result about CorssFire is slightly less, and the effort required is two graphics cards, the money, the pursuit of value for money, you are unable to agree.
nothing but not dual SIM technology. Dual-card platform from design is designed for high-end graphics, for the current predicament of single card performance is weak, through dual SIM to work together to improve overall performance. For friends who need extreme performance, top card has been unable to meet demand, this time the two top cards have become the object of his choice.
conclusion: choose according to their needs, middle and low-end users do not recommend selecting dual SIM platform, recommended for high end users with fast performance dual SIM.
v, mouse and keyboard, chassis, power supplies and other hardware can use
keyboard and mouse, chassis, power prices tend to be smaller in one machine, although occupy 4 seats, but is often overlooked.
keyboard and mouse as a bridge to human-machine communication with a PC, which directly affect our overall efficiency. A good keyboard and mouse makes you the overall efficiency of effort, this is reflected in the Office, game and other fields, Office area on the multifunction button of keyboard and mouse is often reflected in their, more function key design and ergonomic design can partially relieve muscles of the hand, not only increase productivity but also for health.
chassis power supply are two of the most easily overlooked hardware is hardware boxes, one is the power supply box, their position is one of a kind in the whole. Chassis quality and use plays an important role in future designs, good quality chassis soundproofing, thermal, deformation is more dominant, noise will have a better working environment, heat can make the machine work stability, deformation can best ensure the security of computer hardware, are indispensable.
power is the lifeblood of the whole, which provides survival of machine power, however many users tend to think that as long as power does not matter, it's wrong. Power is important, but other aspects also play a very important role. With the increasing demand for power of machine hardware, power, stability is always a test.
conclusion: the chassis power supply and brand manufacturers, does not understand can be taking advice from other friends, reputable products is the best choice.