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1, home connection be changed
If not adjusted, but the browser default Home changes, it is very likely that the system is infected by malicious software. Similarly, in the Baidu search, click Baidu to provide connection to be directed to a random connection. This type of situation, indicating that the system is infected by virus or malware.
for/>2, the browser cannot be Internet network connection (using the ping command you can easily confirm this), but cannot access the Internet, likely contributing to this problem is the system is infected with malware. Where you have to do is to carefully set up to check into the browser's network connections project, ensure that the proxy server is not set. If they know they are not using a proxy server, the system is infected by malicious software.
3, often using tools software to detect system
on the market, there are many excellent anti-malware tools available, you can find your favorite. Software such as Malwarebytes and Spybot monitoring and cleanup tool is a good choice. Some tools can be achieved while protecting against viruses and malicious software.
in addition, may experience select anti-malware tool is not equipped with a scan tool in real time. Therefore, the need to ensure that end users often scan manually in order to find traces of infection. If the client does not scan in a timely manner, will not only lead to malware more problems, and is likely to lead to more malicious software.
4, system performance decrease
malicious software is notorious because it can cause system performance degradation, whether the network connection or the application running speed are no exception. Of course, only declining system performance does not mean infection by malicious software. Because of the many other problems can cause system performance degradation. Recommended to take measures to deal with performance issues (usually measures a disk defragmentation, increased memory, and so on). If, after you have taken the necessary measures, system performance still does not improve, this could be caused by malicious software.
and the pop-up Windows is a potential sign of malware infection is an embarrassing pop-up window. Sometimes the users computer porn window will pop up, it makes you embarrassed and angry. Unexpected pop-up Windows (especially those who do not start Web browser appears) is a sign of system has been infected with malware. Key issue is, a malicious software often cannot be removed in standard mode; instead, you must restart the system to switch to safe mode. In order to clean up malware all parts of, a powerful anti-malware tools are needed to remove it.
after the above method can quickly know if computers with malicious software, the solution has a very simple and effective, antivirus software are new friends, soul mate, because the birth of anti-virus software, just let the Internet become pure.