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If your computer's antivirus software could not be installed, antivirus is when the keyword Web pages can not be opened in the Autorun virus or its variants. Their mainstream antivirus software on open or even Web pages blocked by him. If you don't want to, only the following methods can be thoroughly solved.
press CTRL + ALT + DEL, open Task Manager, in the "processes" tab found in the explore.exe, end it. Now without any service, the sand than Autorun virus will retreat. In Task Manager, the next is "file"-"new task", if you have a good antivirus installed program or already have anti-virus software installed, it directly opens the program, the antivirus software when you can Flex (recommend Kaspersky).
to go to the next 360 security guards, then open a connection inside the next Kaspersky, install anti-virus.
Open the page automatically closes and antivirus software start the automatic closing of problems should be solved.
in fact, in the most deadly is the Autorun virus, many anti-virus software is not installed. At this point you can press the following:
to open the registry to delete under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\ KAVsetup.exe beginning and KAV (these are virus shield Gold Mountain), and RAV begins (shield rising).
may have been "yeyinhi" virus, is a virus that specifically target antivirus software and powerful.
"yeyinhi" virus after several of the following symptoms may occur:
1. open Task Manager, processes more than 2 processes in pumthsg.exe and rujrmue.exe. generated from these two processes are running yeyinhi virus. But can't the 2 processes end, one end will automatically generate.
2. anti-virus software will not open, with viruses, Trojans, antivirus and other related Web sites and the software will automatically turn off after the open. Even the WinRAR and ice Blade (an important tool for killing the virus) will automatically turn off after the open. View properties for the anti-virus software will be automatically closed.
3. open drive c: Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared folder will be automatically turned off.
4. destruction of safe mode, can't get in.
3 software: 1. the ice edge 2.Windows optimized master 3. registry cleaner software online has 3, good download.