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Anti-virus software cannot open because

Computer antivirus software is an important barrier preventing viruses to your computer. There are many viruses become more powerful, computer antivirus software is a must. There is antivirus software will not open today to solve this problem.
AV terminator is to undermine the system in safe mode and mainstream anti-virus antivirus software, implant thief Trojan virus. It agglomeration currently Internet most popular of virus technology Yu one, damage process after has closely of "planning", first damage user computer of antivirus software and firewall of run, then virus automatically connection to hacker specified of server, to download large of stolen, Trojans, and advertising rogue software to you of computer in, eventually led to user of network silver, and online game, and QQ account password and confidential documents will Shang to hacker specified of server in the.
now the main mode of transmission of the virus through the troubled video site and tied spread in the more than 20 kinds of online games game hangs, that hackers will first of all by means of black hat SEO trick users into bad video and gaming hack site, Trojan virus hidden in the player and the game hangs. Terminator
AV hazards:
1. mainstream antivirus software will not open, all kinds of killing cannot be installed, run directly by the virus removed.
2. systems destroyed by the virus in safe mode could not be in safe mode use antivirus software virus removal.
3. shut down antivirus, virus, Trojan page.
4. infected system files on your computer, Ddraw.dll, Mshtml.dll,Dsound.dll,D3d8.dll,D3D9.dll,winrnr.dll,olepr032.dll,
5. desktop Taobao online icon appears, the browser home page has been locked for a site navigation station
6. similar 3570390.XEEX.exe in the processes in Task Manager processes < BR/>7. computer with plenty of camouflage the input program
% Systemroot%\system\mfcB.ime
this variation of "AV terminator" extremely destructive:
first, virus programs prevent the major security software installed and running second, hijack your browser home page, and an icon is created on the desktop cannot be deleted; and, third, infection, Ddraw.dll, System files such as Mshtml.dll,Dsound.dll,olepr032.dll,D3D9.dll,winrnr.dll,D3d8.dll, steal hot online games WOW, DNF, asked, Tian long BA BU, fantasy westward journey, such as the account number four will pop up in disguise Tencent QQ messages, phishing fraud attacks. Even more problematic is that there is a bug of the virus can lead to computer blue screen, just reinstall the system to resolve.
antivirus software will not open using kingsoft Trojans:
download kingsoft stubborn trojans kill, kill root directory to download to e (because the killing found the killing will remove the desktop, it is recommended to download to any partition of the hard disk) and then open, click on the quick scan can be cleared.
then download kingsoft guards, comprehensive anti-virus
1 the computer, enter the main interface into "killing the Trojan"
2, and then click on the "full scan"
How to prevent antivirus will not open
AV Terminator Salvation through bad video Web sites and popular online games hack spread, viruses hiding among them. Jinshan Defender will intercept these dangerous downloads by kingsoft Web site security system prevents users from these dangerous downloaded files.

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