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Computer virus and failure to distinguish

, Computer viruses and check solutions
, under normal circumstances, computer viruses are always attached to a system or user programs to breed and spread, virus attacks jeopardize the normal operation of the computer, destroying data and program, violations of computer resources. Computer in infection virus Hou, always has must law to appeared exception phenomenon:
1, and screen displayed exception, screen displayed out not by normal program produced of picture or string, screen displayed chaos;
2, and program loaded into time growth, file run speed declined;
3, and user no access of equipment appeared work signal;
4, and disk appeared somehow of file and bad block, volume standard occurred changes;
5, and system itself Guide;
6, and Loss of data or programs, change file bytes;
7, memory, and disk space;
8, exception panic;
9, disk access time than usual growth;
10, system boot time.
If the above phenomena, the first BOOT of the system, IO. SYS、MSDOS. SYS、COMMAND.COM、.COM、. EXE files examined, and compared with the correct file, if any anomalies may be infected with a virus. And then checked the other files, there is no abnormal phenomenon, find out why anomalies. The key difference between virus and failure is, the General failure occurs more than a random coincidence and virus attacks are always regular.
recommend the use of DOS6.0 above the MSAV program, its most prominent feature is able to detect all file changes and a record
If MSAV reports a large number of files have been changed, the system may be infected.
Second, the viral phenomenon of similar hardware failures
hardware fault not too broad in scope, but it is very easy to identify. In addressing the phenomenon of computer can easily be ignored, only to troubleshoot hardware, is fundamental to solve the problem.
1. System hardware configuration
this failure often occurs in the compatible, because accessories are not fully compatible, cause some software does not work correctly.
power supply voltage instability due to unstable power supply voltage used by the computer, easily lead to user files appears when a disk read or write is lost or damaged, which will cause the system to boot. If the voltage of the power supply used by recurrent instability, working to make your computer more secure, we recommend that you use the power regulator or uninterruptable power supply (UPS).
3. Plug-in your computer connection is bad
plug-in connection is bad, will make certain the device has good times and bad. For example, the monitor signal cable bad may make contact with the host monitor display is not stable; disk line with multifunctional poor contact will cause disk read and write good and bad; the printer cable will result in poor contact with the host printer does not work or not work properly; mouse cable and serial port connection is bad will appear when the mouse is moving without fault, and so on.
4. Abort,
If you are using low quality, in fact, this phenomenon is the main reason users after using FOXBASE, not back to DOS is to switch off the machine, or in the Middle using FOXBASE. Recommend that users use the FOXBASE returns to DOS after State after shutdown, otherwise it will not only cause this phenomenon, and will cause damage to the disk.
5. about the CMOS
as we all know, CMOS information stored in a computer system is very important, always when the computer starts according to CMOS information to detect and initialize the system (of course, is the most basic initialization). More than 486 motherboards, most virus monitoring switch, users generally are set to "ON", then if you installed WINDOWS95, panic will occur. Because when you installed WINDOWS95, the installer will modify the hard disk boot parts, system of internal interrupts and interrupt vector table, and virus surveillance program does not allow to do, then led to the crash.
recommends that users install the new system, the first CMOS virus monitoring switched off. In addition, the system boot speed and slow procedures may also be associated with CMOS, CMOS some shadows in the advanced settings of the memory switch, which can also affect the speed of the system.
three, and viral phenomenon similar software
software fault identification and resolution is a difficult thing, it requires users to have software knowledge and hands-on experience. Here are some common symptoms.
1. Appears "Invalid drive specification" (illegal drive letters)
the instructions for the user's drives are missing, if a user has this drive, it might be the drive's master boot sector damage or disk partition table parameters symbol of 50AA is modified. This DEBUG or NORTON tools software will correct the master boot sector information is written to the master boot sector of the disk.
2. Software program has been compromised (non-virus)
disk quality problems, the data portion of a file is missing, and this program can run, then there will be anomalies, such as the Format program after being destroyed, if continued, will format non standard format disk, this will produce a series of errors. But such problems are extremely rare.
3. DOS improper system configuration
DOS operating system at startup to find the system configuration file CONFIG.SYS, and configure the environment according to their requirements. If the system environment settings incorrectly can cause certain software does not function properly, such as CC++ language system, AUTOCAD, and more. Because too many files are open when the program is running, more than the system default.
4. Software compatibility with DOS versions
DOS features downward compatibility of the operating system itself. But software is different, many software are limited by their environment too much, works in a version of the software to another DOS version does not run correctly, many users suspected to be caused by a virus. Old version 2.13 of the Chinese system, run in DOS 3.30 normal, but under DOS6.2 be garbled.
5. Boot failure boot
System screen displays "Missing operating system" (loss of operating system), causes the hard disk master boot program completion of guide, but cannot find the DOS boot record system. The cause of this phenomenon is the c drive no boot record and DOS system files, or the hard disk in the CMOS type different from the formatting of the hard drive itself. Need to transfer system files on drive c, or modify the CMOS configuration to make the system bootable from floppy disk.
with a different editing software program using editing software to edit source code, edit system files on a special place to do some marks. Then, if the source program is compiled or executed when an error occurs. For example, using WPS n command to edit a text file, the head also has the layout parameters, some programs cannot be compiled or interpreted system and source resolution, and this error occurred.