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Resolve insufficient system resources issues

Option one:
1. clear the "Clipboard"
when the "Clipboard" is stored in a picture or when large pieces of text, and uses more memory. Clear the "Clipboard" contents of the release take up system resources: click "start"-> "programs"-> "Annex"-> "System Tools", click "Clipboard Viewer", and then "Edit" menu, click "delete" command.
2. restart your computer
just quit the program, do not restart your computer, the program may not be able to return the resources to the system. Restart the computer to free up system resources.
3. automatic reduction programs
If you run too many programs that run automatically when Windows is started, even if you restart the computer, or you will not have enough system resources to run other programs.
setting Windows without starting the program:
first, click "start → run", type "msconfig" and click the "OK" button, click "start" card selection, clear the check boxes do not need before you start the program.
Second, click "start → run", type "sysedit", click the "OK" button to delete the "Autoexec.bat" and "win.ini" and "config.sys" file is not necessary since the program started. Then, restart the computer.
set virtual memory virtual memory can cause system errors. in "System Properties" dialog box to manually configure the virtual memory, go to the default location of the virtual memory space available for other disk partitions.
5. application Bug or destroy
some Bug in the application design or if it has been damaged, may conflict with Windows when you run or compete for resources, resulting in insufficient system resources.
there are two solutions: one is to upgrade software, and second, you uninstall the software, modified other similar software.
of memory optimization software, such as the RAM Idle and Memo Kit to automatically empty the "Clipboard", released by closing programs does not release system resources, the virtual memory file (Win386.swp) is reorganizing, eliminating manual trouble, achieve the purpose of automatic release system resources.
programme II:
1. disable some startup items
applications that load at startup causes the Windows system resources are critically low and "blue screen", so we'd better run "Msconfig" disables part of the application. Or use the Windows optimized master to do it for them.
2. set
enough virtual memory virtual memory errors can cause your system to multi-task operation, we can always delete temporary files and swap files on the issue to be addressed, also in "System Properties" manually configure virtual memory, virtual memory under the default location, go to a different logical drive.
3. keep sufficient space for hard drive
with Win9X run time need to use the hard drive as virtual memory, this requires a hard disk must retain a certain amount of free space in order to ensure the normal operation of the program. In General, the space above the minimum should ensure that the 100MB, or appears "blue screen" may be related to hard disk free space is too small. In addition, too many pieces of the hard disk, and can easily lead to a "blue screen" appears.