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Dual-system problem

, Repair Windows 98/XP
1 the dual-boot menu. before restoration, set the CD drive in the BIOS. Using Windows XP install disk to start a computer, and load the necessary drivers, Windows XP installation interface appears.
there are 3 options:
(1) to install Windows XP now, press the "Enter" key.
(2) use the "Recovery Console" repair your Windows XP installation, press "r" key.
(3) to exit Setup without installing Windows XP, press the "F3" key
2. press "r" key, enter the "Microsoft Windows XP (TM) Recovery Console" interface, the recovery console provides system repair and recovery functionality. System searches for an installed Windows XP system files, and then display the search results, and asked "to log on to a Windows XP installed (to cancel, press Enter)", select 1. D:Windows, carriage return, the system will then ask "administrator password", and then type the administrator password you set when you install Windows XP, enter, D:Windows appears, and then enter the repair command Fixboot, the parameter for the disk drive to write the boot sector, enter c:, press ENTER. The repair is complete, type Exit to exit. After the restart you will see returning to the dual boot menu.
, repair Windows XP dual-boot menu under Windows98 clean install Windows XP, dual boot menu will be automatically generated. Windows XP operating system is extremely stable, but the dual-boot menu file is the c root directory, and easily damaged. Although backup and dual-boot-related documents, you can also use the Ghost backup c drive down, or damage to make the emergency repair disk to restore, but if the user didn't do careless backup, and do not have an emergency repair disk that do?
then, need recovery control Taiwan:
began Shi and heavy loaded as, to select new installation,, installation file copy good, computer again started, select into recovery control Taiwan, control Taiwan will tips you to login to which WindowsXP installation, General on selected default of "1", type system administrator password, Windows directory Xia, type "BOOTCFG/ADD", control Taiwan will scan Windows installation, several seconds Hou scan completed, Prompted to select the installation that you want to add, select "1", then prompted to enter load identifier, enter "MicrosoftWindowsXPProfessional" and prompted to enter OS load options, type fastdetect, enter, type "EXIT" and restart your computer, you can see the familiar dual-boot menu is back. After entering the system, partition all the "$" delete all the files and folders. Three, recovery, WinMe\XP

the dual-boot menu using Windows Me and Windows XP dual-boot. For various reasons, very often need to reinstall Windows Me. Reloading will find for dual boot after the boot selection menu is gone. So, how to get Windows XP?
as a general rule, when in the dual system, Windows Me is installed first, and then in another partition to install Windows XP. After you install Windows Me, c drive boot sector is Windows Me boot information stored, after booting the system by loading system to boot Windows Me file Io.sys, After you install Windows XP
, c drive boot sector information covered by Windows XP boot to start Windows Me boot information is moved to the outside of boot sector, stored in a file called Bootsect.dos.
after you implement dual-boot, the system loads the system files of Windows XP Ntldr reads Boot.ini and find another operating system, and displays the boot selection menu, allowing users to determine which system to start: If you choose to start Windows Me, use the Bootsect.dos file to load the Io.sys, systems to boot Windows Me; If you select start Windows XP, Directly loads Ntldr, boot Windows XP by system files.
and once again when you install Windows Me, c drive boot sector information Windows Me boot again, even though both Ntldr and Boot.ini file still exists, power on the system when they are no longer loaded, so there is no boot selection menu if you format the c drive, the two files will no longer exist, a boot selection menu does not appear.
in fact, most users of Windows Me and Windows XP and is not installed on the same partition, format c drive, reinstall Windows Me, change is only c drive boot area, select the boot system files of different systems, as well as the Windows Me Setup files on the c drive and setup information. In other words, saved in other divisions, the Windows XP installation files, settings, information is not destroyed, without time-consuming re-installing and setting up Windows XP, just restore c drive boot system files and choose to boot the system, you can quickly restore Windows Me and Windows XP in a dual-boot, find the original Windows XP.
restore Windows Me and Windows XP dual-boot method is:
1, started after Windows Me, do the Windows XP Setup program.
2, in accordance with the normal installation process, install first step "installation options" select "new installation (Advanced)".
3, enter the installation password, skip "upgrade drive" and "download the updated Setup files" in two steps.
4, the system began to copy the installation files after copying the Green end of the progress bar, the "restart the computer" the Red progress bar, at this time, quickly press the "Esc" key, suppresses reboot.
5, if there is no timely press the "Esc" key causes the system to reboot, the boot selection menu will appear, including three boot options:
Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition
Microsoft Windows XP Professional Setup < BR/>6, pressing the keys of the keypad area, within 5 seconds, select "Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition" starting Windows Me.
7, into the c drive you can see, root has appeared on the list of dual boot you need five files: "Ntldr", "" and "Boot.ini" and "Bootfont.bin", "Bootsect.dos."
as well as three of the Windows XP Setup files "LDR", "drvltr. ^ _ ^", "txtse-Tup.sif" and the folder "win_nt.~BT", other partitions of a disk to speed up file "DRVLTR. ^ _ ^" can be directly deleted.
8, modify the Boot.ini file. In the [Boot Loader] section: the "Default=C:\WIN_NT.~BT\BOOTSECT.DAT" to "Default=C:\", if you do not select from the start menu, the default start Windows Me boot from c drive; or the words "Default=multi (0)
disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (2) \WINDOWS "The system default boot Windows XP from the d (if Windows XP is installed on e," partition (2) "in the" 2 "to" 3 ", and so on).
at the same time, also in the [Boot Loader] section set the boot selection menu to maintain the time (in seconds), the "Timeout=5" in the "5" with the words you wish to.
in the [Operating Systems] section, delete the "C:\WIN_NT.~BT\BOOTSECT.DAT=" Microsoft Windows XP Professional Setup "" line to set installation options for Windows XP from the boot selection menu block. If after formatting c drive to reinstall Windows Me, also adding "multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (2) \WINDOWS=" Microsoft Windows XP Professional "/fastdetect" line, allowing the system to quickly boot to boot Windows XP from a disk d. Meanwhile, you can also [Operating Systems] modify the boot selection menu displays the text in a paragraph, for example: "Microsoft Windows XP Professional" to "Chinese version of the Windows XP", "Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition" to "Windows Me Millennium Edition", and then select the boot menu is displayed on the " Chinese version of the Windows XP "and" Windows Me Millennium Edition. "
9, restart, resume dual-boot, and all the settings Windows XP absolutely remains in the original state and reinstall Windows Me without the slightest change.
double, repair dual-boot menu system is 98/me and 2000/XP this type of operating system, installing the operating system XP/2000 will automatically set up a dual-boot menu, double your system's boot is in the c drive root directory contains the following files: win.ini boot.ini Bootfont.bin NTLDR IO.sys Msdos.sys behind these two are changing inside folder options (Hide protected system files) to see. After a system in which the best of the bad back up these files, if there is no backup to format the c drive and installed the 98/me feel there is no way to restore it? Here is a simple method:
2000 XP/or installation CD into the CD drive and perform the Setup installation XP/2000, select new installation. Setup will continue to install, wait for the reboot will not continue with the installation, go directly to me/98 to observe the c root directory, and several more folders, and some can not read the file. But changing the folder options (Hide protected system files) found win.ini boot.ini Bootfont.bin restore NTLDR IO.sys Msdos.sys, you can directly remove other file names that you can't read a strange folder because it is prepared for a Windows XP/2000 installation Setup files, and then open and edit Boot.ini< br />[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="①: Windows XP/2000 "/fastdetect
C:\= II: Windows ME/98
to system startup can then found that dual-boot menu has been restored.