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Maintenance procedures
1: you can online consultation via phone or the Internet, we will provide professional solutions for fault. If maintenance is required to determine further down, give a price range.
2: you can choose to repair or we offer door-to-door services, face detection, to determine the point of failure, given final offer.
3: If you agree to repair, you fill in the service form, this step is very important. All accessories from your notebook include: battery, optical drive, memory, hard disk, as well as accessories such as adapters according to different needs and detailed record of the corresponding serial number. To do so was to prevent confusion in maintenance in the same machine accessories, there is also a role is to maintain transparency and put an end to widespread malpractices within the industry.
4: begin repairs, according to the different points of failure, it normally takes two working days. Including repair of baking machines and machines for a full inspection, if there are other problems (without replacement) will be addressed. Encountered due to the point of failure is not easy to detect or accessory manufacturers and IC needs to order and cannot be repaired in a timely manner, we will explain to the customer in a timely manner the progress of repairs and advice.
5: notebook repaired, referred to the special maintenance personnel for roasting machine and port functionality tests, stress tests to be repaired the fault.
6: notifies you to fetch the machine when machine machine inspection, payment, fill out the warranty card.